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I am SO there. We are going to get tipsy, bay-bah!

Best of everything. I hope someday i can do something as thought provoking and important as this film.

Seeya tonight! Do you think I need to be worried about it selling out before I get there?

you can buy tickets in advance thru the CUFF site via ticketweb. 15 bucks for the party and movie and just 8 for the movie. (plus some service charge, i think i got 2 tickets for like 20 bucks)

aye! see you there!

hey it was nice meeting you!!
I wish we had more time to chat

you did a great job fielding the stupid Q&As by the way

Shishie and I will be there!

thank you for coming out !! i had a blast!!
you rock

we had a great time too
congratulations on such a great turnout!

(Deleted comment)
I heard about your film on Slit's journal. It sounds AMAZING. I can't wait to see it. The reviews sound compelling. And frankly, I'd like to see a film from an insider perspective, rather than from an American perspective.

I have a huge interest in film-making, so I'm sure I will enjoy it.

P.S.- I added you. Hope you don't mind.

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