Baghdad, Iowa

Trailer for Baghdad, Iowa from Usama Alshaibi on Vimeo.

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Nice Bombs Director's Cut
Sometimes when you make a documentary you want to say many things at once. The work is pivotal to the moment we are in. The war in Iraq was getting bloodier and we had no clear end in site with the United States involvement. Americans barely heard any voices from Iraq. I knew I had to show this film. When we had our world premiere in Chicago we had a 92 minute cut of the film. When we broadcast Nice Bombs on the Sundance Channel I cut it to 76 minutes and declared it done. But after some years, I missed some voices, and I knew that there were scenes of normal life that were important. So after struggling with the edit for almost ten years I present the final and completed version at 88 minutes. Only $2 to stream or $10 to buy. This is very much a personal– almost point of view entrance– into Baghdad during the war in early 2004. Click here to watch Nice Bombs.

Mun Magic
A short video I made with my daughter Muneera.

Mun Magic from Usama Alshaibi on Vimeo.

Slowly crawling back
I miss good old livejournal land. Facebook has become a family affair. What's the point? Is the anarchy alive and well on lj?


My artwork on Etsy

Okay I know Etsy is mostly crafty stuff but I thought I'd make some of my art work available for sale. These are all original, one of a kind gum-prints, using a unique and old photo process, mixed with my own style of ink and photography.

Check it out:

We I are offering a special DVD and Art Book deal for perverse minds! Erotic/Underground Films
Seasons Greetings! As a special holiday treat, my wife Kristie and I would like offer our friends and fans a special package deal on two of our favorite collaborations.

Get th Solar Anus Cinema VD and a signed copy of our boo A History of Flying Vaginas or just $25.  That includes shipping within the U.S.

Solar Anus Cinema ncludes some of our early short films and the infamous cult fil The Amateurs.  It's pretty racy, so it's not intended for younger viewers.

A History of Flying Vaginas s our "children's book for adults," an art book created as part of our artist residency in Extrapol, Netherlands. It's printed on acid free paper using the old-school stencil print process.  We will both personalize and sign each copy sold (only 20 copies left!)


Read a review of Solar Anus Cinema here.

DVD INCLUDES Traumata, Organ Molly, Slaughtered Pigtails, Self-Contained Convulsion Expulsion
Runaway, Gash , Patient, Spoiled & The Amateurs:

“… a movie that gleefully relishes in depicting every white bread suburban parent’s nightmare as young girls are coerced by the ‘foreign’ directors into appearing in a porn video. The filmmakers argue in heavily accented English about how best to stick a speculum into a young girl’s vagina in a sequence that glorifies both sexual transgression and contemporary anxieties about the racial other. The fear of white slavery updated as somebody’s daughter is coerced into giving a fat drunk a rim-job. Alshaibi’s command of his materials is so strong that some audiences don’t know if the film is raw footage of porn auditions, documentary, or satire. And thankfully he’s not telling.“- ack Sargeant (author Deathtripping: The Extreme Underground)

For questions please email Usama here

Baps and Mun December2012

Baps and Mun December2012, originally uploaded by usama alshaibi.

Father of Luminosity, Daughter of Lion

Muneera almost 11 months old


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